Sunday, July 28, 2013


Hello Everyone,

Yesterday we had a family gathering to celebrate my dad's 70th birthday (1st birthday in heaven). We had it at the family "old home place". My dad and brother built a shelter to have cookouts under. I thought that was the perfect place to have the reunion. I have decided because dad's family doesn't get together as often as they should I am making this an annual event. Okay, let's think of some names: First Annual Fuqua Family Birthday in Heaven Celebration. It's a little long but I think it will do.

We had so much fun. I made chicken/noodles and mashed potatoes, corn casserole and baked macaroni & cheese. I told everyone to bring a side and dessert. We also had Bill's famous Garlic Maple chicken or Maple Garlic chicken which ever it is anyway, it's so good! He also grilled hot dogs for the kids. I also made Rice Krispie treats for the "big" kids. You can never be too old for rice krispie treats.

Ok to the memories part. The reason I had it under the shelter was for daddy. He was so proud of that shelter, him and Rance built it for the family to have a place to have cookouts and get-togethers. Next I had a table cloth that was my grandma's it is a whimsical one that looks like a table cloth with the table set on it. It has the food printed on the plates. I loved it as a kid. Grandma always used it on the kid's table at thanksgiving. I think next year I want to have a table with photos of family that has already went to heaven. ? Remember this is a work in progress. I also thought the other day I want a place at Christmas where we have photos of mom & dad and under them place their stockings. I also want grandma/grandpa fuqua, grandma/grandpa cooprider & grandma/grandpa tucker. Bobby Gene (b/c he was like a big brother to me) I guess Bobby and I were close b/c we lived together at grandma/grandpa's I remember Grandma and I we would have to go out the the "out-house" in the back yard to use that restroom because Bobby Gene would be in the bathroom so long (lol) I would really like to get things around the property back to "the old days" I am not sure if we can do it or not but the older I get the more important it is to remember the past.


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