Sunday, July 21, 2013

Missing Daddy

Hello blog followers,
I want to thank you for sticking with me all this time. It has been pretty wild ride the last several months. It began with Bobby Gene in the hospital, then moving over to methodist hospital in Indianapolis, IN. I called daddy to update him on Bobby's condition. I stood and listened to daddy rant and rave for over 15 minutes about if it were me that he would love me enough to unplug me. He did not want to be plugged into all that "crap" (dad's words not mine).The family finally unplugged Bobby Gene and he passed peacefully. He went to heaven to be with his mother, father, brothers and grandparents just to name a few. Daddy took it really rough. I was surprised how hard it was on him. He went with me to the Lisa's to be with the family and we had a nice time. Christmas the "Fuqua's" got together and a good day was had by all. Later in January we found out that daddy had stage four lung cancer. It was a shock I think to all of us. Daddy really wanted to fight to beat it. He knew it was not cureable only treatable. He fought so hard! He did an amazing job. I just buried daddy a little over three weeks ago. He always said "don't be sad I know I'll be in heaven. Go and have a party to celebrate the good times" and good memories did dad and I have. I was daddy's little girl and everywhere daddy went I was not too far behind. I loved him so much (sorry it's hard to type through the tears) but even the last year we had so much fun and laughed and made great memories right up until he took his last breathe I was kissing him and telling him how much I loved him. I remember all of those sweet precious times I would kiss him and say "oh daddy I love you so much" and he would look up to me with those beautiful gentle eyes and say "I love you too" I know that he was so happy I was there with him and that I was able to care for him. I had such an amazing time with daddy. I prayed for God to only keep him here as long as God wanted him here. I prayed God's perfect will be done. I wanted God to allow me to have him for a time but I didn't want him to suffer. I prayed that the Lord please take him to heaven to be with the rest of the family so daddy and daddy would not hurt anylonger. I am so glad that daddy and I were able to make such great memories. I can no longer write because I need to get some tissues and take a few minutes alone. Once again thank you so much for being there. Thanks daddy for all the wonderful memories and life lessons you taught me. I love you daddy

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