Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Medicine : List

     The medicine list is very important when going to the doctor especially if you have more than one doctor that you see. (example if you go to oncologist and cardiologist or pulmonologist) Sometimes these doctors are able to see each others medical records but not always.  These are things that worked for me at the end my father was on several drugs so this was a work in process. This is what I ended up doing for our doctor visits.  The oncologist gave me paperwork when we were at dad's appointment it had all of his medicine in one place. I made sure that we told doctor of all the over the counter (OTC) meds that dad would take. I read through the list to make sure that all the doses were correct and times of medicine.  (example my dad took CR morphine for pain but the morphine made him itch so he took Benadryl at the same time so on his medicine list it was written. Benadryl 25mg to be taken with morphine  every 12 hrs.) this way when dad got his morphine they would give him Benadryl too while he was in the hospital. I always had a updated medicine list in the pocket calendar I carried in my purse. (you will be surprised how often you need it) This way you will not forget any medication either.
* be sure to proof read this list I often found typos on this list (b/c the nurses are in a hurry when they update this list and mistakes are easily made)

Just as a side note I kept the paperwork from the pharmacy for his prescriptions in the three ring binder I only kept one copy. Each month when I filled his medicine I would shred the old one and put in the new one (this also gave the date filled which I could never remember so for me it was a big help)
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