Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Medical: Pill Keeper

     Let's talk about weekly pill keepers. These are available at the local dollar tree for a buck so they are very inexpensive. I actually have several. Remember these are just ideas, try it if it doesn't work for you abandon the idea and try something else. This is just what worked for me. At first dad was only on one folic acid daily because he was on a chemotherapy regiment. He was also on a steroid the before, the day of, and the day after his treatment. So we only had two pills that he was taking. At first I just kept the pill bottles beside the coffee pot and when dad would get up and make the coffee he would take his folic acid. As his cancer progressed we added vitamins and pain medicine to his medication.With the addition to more and more medications I decided that I needed to be sure that he took all of his medicine so each night I would pull all his morning pills into a small glass chicken that had a lid (to keep them clean and dust free) this worked for a while as well but finally I began to fill a pill keeper weekly. This way I was sure to never miss a day of medicine doses. I gave daddy his medicine with his morning coffee. * note a few times I would find medicine that dad had dropped so I began to give him his pills only one or two at a time. I watched him take them to make sure they didn't get missed. I had found his little purple morphine pill on the floor and worried about him missing a dose or my little dog getting a pill from the floor. This is the way I dealt with it, you could do it anyway that works for you. For me it was a lot easier to fill a weekly pill keeper and have them ready for the whole week.  If you have to take pills several times a day you can get a weekly pill keeper for each time you need to take them. At first we only needed one b/c all of dad's medicine he took in morning then it went to twice a day. I just bought a second for a dollar I used a sharpie and wrote AM on one pill keeper (this had the most pills) and then the other I wrote PM that was evening meds.
    Please remember these are just ideas, do what works for you.  Remember that can change as well. Something that works fine one month may not work well later, your routine changes as your medical condition changes.

I would like to say I want to be a help to you. I have been through this it doesn't make me an expert but it does mean I understand I've been there. If you have any questions please comment I love the feedback. If you would like to talk just comment and leave your email address I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Please comment on if this has been a help you. If you have a subject you would like me to comment on please leave me a comment and let me know. I will try and comment on my personal experience.

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