Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hospital Go Bag

     A go bag is just what it sounds like its a bag that is already packed and ready to "go." This is very personal so the items in it will vary greatly. I will try and let you know the must haves as well as the extras that made a hospital stay for me as pleasant as possible. Remember this is what worked for me, make it personal for you. I kept this bag packed and ready to go. Dad was on chemotherapy every three weeks and after he had chemo on Tuesdays by Saturday he would have diarrhea and get dehydrated. This would mean a trip to the ER for fluids and admission over night to the hospital. We did this month after month so the go bag for me was a huge time saver. Plus when we would decide to go to the hospital it would already be late (so I wanted to get dad there and get him hydrated so he could begin to fill better and we could get some rest) I didn't want to take time to pack a bag and delay our leaving the house. I also knew if it was pre-packed I would be less likely to forget something.

* also if patient or caregiver is female you may want personal hygiene products for a emergency (it never fails)

  • complete change of clothes to wear home from hospital
  • complete change of clothes for caregiver
  • sleep clothes and something for feet for caregiver
  • shoes for patient (dad would go to ER w/slippers and want shoes next day)
  • medication list (MUST)
  • zip lock bag with scripts & otc meds (hospital may not have everything you take)
  • cell phone charger (MUST) I had an extra that I just kept in the hospital bag
  • ketchup packs dad hated hospital brand (took left over from burger king he liked)
  • change purse with extra change (I kept a few ones in there too)
  • cross word, Sudoku or just blank notebook & pen
  • snacks (vending machine snacks are very costly)
  • bottled water
  • flashlight (small purse size, for me it was a must, used it several times)
  • shaving kit added before we left home (see list below)
~Shaving kit bag~

I had a small shaving kit that I carried with us all the time it had some things that we used often. These are the small things that made his stay more comfortable for him.
Nail clippers (big heavy ones like for toes dad used on fingers and toes)
Emery board he would pick at his finger nails if he had any kind of snag.
Chap stick His lips would get dry (or he just had time to thing about it)
Couple of band aids (dad would bump his arms and bleed easy)
Small purse pill container I kept ibuprofen in it for head aches
Thermometer ($1@ dollar tree) nice convenience
Gum, mints, hard candy (nice when sitting waiting at doctor's office)
Deck of cards he could play alone or with me. (even caregiver could play alone)
Plastic silverware wrapped in plastic from fast food (can't be too prepared)

*most hospitals have complimentary coffee but I didn't like coffee so I always carried a tea bag or two they usually had sweetener so didn't have to carry that.

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