Friday, September 30, 2011

New Followers!!!

Hello Everyone, 
I am so excited. I now have some new followers. Although I accidentally added myself as a follower and can not find out how to un-follow myself. (Like I said I'm a newbie) I am still really happy. I was trying to send a message to those who now follow my blog and when it asked me to sign in to send them a message it added me as a follower . I want to thank Ms Vicky and Katy for stopping by.  Ms Vicky has been a huge inspiration to me. I love her YouTube videos (melovebono).  I feel like I just maybe able to do this (although with adding myself and not being able to un-follow myself on this blog is a testament to the reason I have not done anything until now). Well, I better get busy on a new project so I can have something to post soon.  

If anyone can tell me how to un-follow myself please leave a comment. THANKS 

~~Tracy (cardmakerMOM) 

Thursday, September 22, 2011


This is the cover and the first two pages. In the pocket of page one is a three photo tag (front & back) so that is a total of six photos.  There are three tags in the pocket of page two. There is room for journaling on the fronts and photos on the backs. You could also put a photo on the base of the page.
These are pages three and four.  I like the way these turned out. The yellow photo mat slides under the teddy bear and the blue photo mat comes out of the bath tub. You can put a photo on one side and journaling on the other or a photo on each side. You could also put a photo on page behind the photo mat in the tub. 

These are pages five and six. I really like the tags in the crib. You can journal on front and put photo on the back. The mat on page six flips up so you can add two photos. You could also put a photo on page down in the crib.

These are the last two pages. The yellow mat comes out and you can put photo on each side or photo on one side and journaling on the other. You could put photo under the yellow mat as well as the two on the mat.   In the pocket on the last page there are three tags for journaling. There is a photo mat that space for three photos on each side. This makes room for six birthday photos. You could also put photo or photos on the back page behind the tags. 
~~Tracy (CardmakerMOM)

***Special Thanks ***     I want to thank Laura from following the paper trail for her inspiration. Watching her videos I found the courage to try this. THANKS, Laura

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sad day for my family

Hello Everyone, 
     I will get this started soon, I promise.  I need to get another camera for photos and videos. Mine has mysteriously disappeared. I thought we had gotten though this stage with my children being grown (guess, not!!!) Oh well a great excuse to get a new one.  I just finished my first ever Baby Mini Album!!! I am so excited to share it with you all. I am really happy how it turned out. Thanks Laura (following the paper trail) for the courage to try~
     I want to share with you the things that I am doing. I want to share all the crafts that I am currently enjoying! I am sure that some of this will be lead by what my followers want to see as well. 
     As I said ...this is a sad day for my family.  I learned this morning that a dear family friend passed away in his sleep.  I am sad that he is gone but thankful to God that he went very peacefully and without pain and suffering.  RIP Herb Ford (we love you Herbie)

~~ Tracy (cardmakermom)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Brand New Blogger!

 Hello Everyone,
     I am brand new to blogging and I am just learning all this stuff! So please be patient, email me with your tips to help this run smoothly.  I love watching all the videos on scrapbooking on YouTube and U stream. Most everyone I follow have a blog so I have decided to give it a try.  I have a You tube channel but I have not uploaded any videos yet.  This is baby steps.  First the email, then the you tube channel, now the blog. 

My email is