Sunday, July 19, 2015

Paper flowers

Good Morning Blog Followers & Guests,
 I thought I write a quick post. This is new for me. Something I have never done before. I purchased some paper flowers from hobby lobby and I just thought they were way too expensive. Remember this is my first time so they are not very good but you have to start somewhere. 
My first homemade paper flower.

I am not happy with them yet. I need more practice and they need some shine they are too dull. I really do not like that you can see the glue from the glue gun. Maybe I will try some different adhesive. I just used a pearl button for the center because it was what I had on hand. I will check into some beads & bling (I have some beads but didn't get them out of the closet, the buttons were already out for a different project) I want to also check into some gems. I have some Studio G bling. I think I will try. I am sure I will post more later as I get better at making them. This is just my first try and with only on shade of paper. I plan on trying two different paper patterns. More layers, less layers to see what I like. This was 3 sizes of petals. 2", 1.5" and 1" I used 2-2"; 2-1.5" and 1-1" for the center. I need to watch some youtube videos to see how to make these better. I am sure there are several videos to watch. I watched some years ago (2011) when I started to make cards and scrapbook pages but with dad getting cancer all of that go put on hold until now. 

The three flowers I made yesterday.

Anyway, enough about that. I just wanted to post of what's going on in my craft room. 
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