Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Alivia's Princess Baby Album

This is the cover to Alivia's Princess Baby Album. I do not have all the photos in the album yet but at least it is finished. (At least for now, I may add a few more embellishments but it looks ok)

Page 1
This is the happy couple. My daughter, Amber & her husband, Bill. This is the first doctor appointment. I am so happy they let me (grandma) tag along. I got to hear the baby's heartbeat! I cried of course. My first grandchild. At this point we didn't know if the baby would be a boy or girl! I didn't care. I just wanted a healthy baby and safe mommy. So in the beginning this album had very little pink. As you can tell once I found out I was having a granddaughter I added all the PINK! and of course all the princess embellishments.  

Page 2 
The little half page to the left is page 1.5 I guess it is from the ends of the paper bags as this is a paper bag album. It's my very first paper bag album. 

Page 3 
This is my daughter, listening to her belly. She is using her grandpa's stethoscope. She is trying to hear the baby's heartbeat. Amber was very close to her grandfather. He passed away in June and we found out Amber was pregnant in October. So we were all still grieving his loss. It made using grandpa's stethoscope a little more special. 
Page 4 
 I also really little this little bear! With is little wand ...he is just adorable!

Page 5
Isn't this little sleeping bear so adorable!

Page 6
This is one of my favorite pages I love this crib! It's so CUTE! I can't wait to get a picture of Alivia sleeping to put in here. Plus maybe one with her playing in her pack-n-play with some toys. I love this tag with this little bunny he is SOOOO Cute! 

Page 7
I really like this little turtle too. He is really cute. I will try and get the rest of the pages photographed and uploaded in a few days to finish showing you this album. 

Page 8
This is the classic bath tub page. I can't wait to put some cute photos of Alivia! 
Page 9
Too Cute
Page 10 
This last page is not complete as you can see. I need to mat this but I was not sure if I wanted to mat it or just round the corners on the photos. So I left it blank.

This is just two of the tags in this paper bag album. Each bag has two tags with each side matted with a place for a 4x6 photo. I used one tag  to journal about the photos. All the tags large or small could be used for photos or a journal spot. 

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CardmakerMOM aka Tracy (Alivia's grandma) 

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