Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another 12x12 "Gone Fishing" (Thanks Vicki)

Hi Everyone, 
   I know, I know, I know ...I'm cardmakerMOM ...why the 12x12s well, I guess you can thank my YT friend Vicki over at melovebono (her YT channel). She makes some really cute double 12x12s. She has been a huge inspiration to me!!! Thanks Vicki!!! My last scrap-book LO was inspired by a Halloween sticker and this one by the "fishing" paper. My son Jordan loves to fish so I just had to get this paper and make him a page (this may turn into a double LO and if it does I will post more photos)  Right now I am not sure what to put up in the Left hand corner of my page but I have learned just leave it alone and I will come up with an idea to finish this page. (or what I consider finished)  I may put another photo mat up there but I do not have any more of that color green card stock. I will pick up another piece  and see what 3 mats looks like. I have another idea or two and if I change this page then I will upload addition photos.

To make this page you will need the following for this page:

1- 12" x 12" Gone Fishing patterned paper (I will have to let you know which paper co.)
2- 4" x 6." pieces of green card-stock (for photo mats) in photo they looks like two different sizes but they are not.
Adhesive to glue down all your elements, black maker, and white pen for fisherman's face. 
(I also used distressing ink around the edges of all paper elements )  colors of paper for fisherman you will need
  • flesh (body)
  • blue (shirt)
  • green (waders)
  • cream (vest, hat, 3 fish, circle from 3/8" hole punch)
  • brown (hair, rod and reel)
  • yellow (fish bag)
1-Fisherman cut from cricut everyday paper dolls cut at 5" (Everything was cut at 5")
  • cut body page 28 (I cut on black out so I could draw the face or you could use peachy   keen face stamps if you have them)
  • waders page 70
  • shirt page 70 (shift)
  • hair page 70 (Feature 1)
  • hat page 70 (shift Feature 1)
  • vest page 70 (Feature 2)
  • fish bag page 70 (shift Feature 2)
  • rod and reel page 70 (Feature 3)
  • fish (for end of rod) (shift Feature 3)
  • fish page 70 (Feature 4)
  • fish page 70 (shift Feature 4)
Ink around the edges of all your cut outs.
Glue layers of fisherman together.
Glue fish to rod and reel.
Glue the circle cut from hole punch onto fish bag (I use cream card stock then inked brown)

*Place the fish on the photo mats where you would like (if you place them on corner only glue down the part of fish that is off the photo mat this way you can tuck your photo under the fish)  
 ~~Tracy (cardmakerMOM & 12x12s maker LOL)

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