Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Big Hugs

Hello Everyone, 

I am so excite about the new cricut cartridge I got "Lacy Labels". The shapes are so pretty. They are very "lacy" and delicate!  

 Row 1 Number 1 (Love You)

     I don't like this card but I wanted to see the different shapes on this cartridge. I guess I will name them by number and then how they show up on the screen. I am not sure how to do it since the cricut lite cartridges don't have a book. They only have a brocure like paper. (which btw is laminated which I really like) Just thought I'd throw that in. no extra cost. hahaha  
     This is the Row 1 Number 1 (on the overlay) It has a layer that says Love You thus the Name "Love You" but I ran out of time today and I wanted to get this posted. I don't like the red background with the red ink (from the stamp "Big Hugs") so this card I am sure will change. I will repost when I get it the way I like it. (fair enough) ...better go it is Wednesday, prayer meeting night at church and I have some errands to do while I am in town (gotta save gas you know) I am leaving a little early to get everything finished.  Happy Crafting

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