Friday, November 9, 2012

November 2012

     I can't believe it is November already. It has been an incredible year. (not sure if that is really the adjective I want to use) Thanksgiving will be here before we know it and then comes Christmas. I can hardly believe the year is all but gone.  I am thankful for a wonderful God that has gotten me through this valley/desert time. My church family has also been amazing. I can't not forget my facebook friends either. Everyone has been so supportive and encouraging during this whole ordeal. I do feel like I am stronger (wish I could have gotten here on a different path) I know God is in control and is aware of all that I am going through. He is my rock.

     Dad has done so well during his treatments. I am so thankful to God for keeping him in his loving arms during this time. Dad is in great spirits. I know God has answered so many of my prayers. I know so many friends who have suffered so much more during their chemo treatments. I thank God that dad is doing so well. I am thankful that his body is responding to the treatments so well. God is so good.

     I am praying that with the beginning of the new year I can get back to my cards. My mind just is not focused enough to be creative I guess. I love my paper crafts but when I try to do something I just find myself wondering around with no real purpose, so with that said I will wait and try to resume my "card-making" for a later time. I would really like to make some Christmas cards (maybe I will try) I have so many things going on that I have not even begun to touch on here. I am not going to bore you with the details.

     Thank-you so much for those who prayer for my dad daily. (we can tell) Your words are so encouraging and uplifting! I pray you never have to go through this it is truly a life-changing event not only for the patient but the care-giver as well. I am thankful that God has drawn me closer to my dad this year. We have always been close but this last few months mean more to me than anyone will ever know. I miss my mom (which makes my daddy so much more precious to me) I hope you will take time to call your dad and tell him "I love you" You need to say it and he needs to hear it~

   Thanks for listening Hugs from here
~~Tracy (cardmakermom)

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