Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I'm still here ....Really I am

I am so sorry to my followers but it has been a very difficult year. As many of you know my father was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in January. First an update: The tumor in his leg is taken care of (turned to liquid by radiation) and then he had a rod put in his leg to help with pain when he walks. He was having pain in his leg because the bone was weak from the tumor. The rod gives him stability. He says that it has helped with pain. The tumor is no longer painful. He is having some pain in the hip where they attached the rod. He recently received a cortisone shot to help with pain. He says it helped a "little" that means it really didn't do much. He recently had a Cat scan on his lungs. The cancer is unchanged at this time. (but the cancer he has is very slow growing) so we are not sure what these results mean. I feel it is good, chemo has stop the progress. His doctor says we can continue treatment because it seems to be working (b/c its not larger) or we can stop treatment and see if tumor in his lungs gets any larger. Dad has decided because he is not having much trouble taking the treatments to continue and not take a chance for the tumor to grow. If he has any trouble we may rethink that decision. I am so thankful to God for his answers to our prayers! God is so good. Dad has been sick very little. He did struggle with dehydration a little but that now seems to be under control. I am also thankful to dad's doctors and the "AMAZING" nurses. They all have treated him so great. All of the staff that we deal with have been great during this difficult time for us. Cancer is a life changing event not only for patient but the whole family and everyone has been very helpful. I am so thankful to my church family for their continued support and encouragement during this time. Their prayers are so much appreciated!!! I hope they know how much I love them ALL.

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