Thursday, July 26, 2012

WOW what a year! I'm back

Hello everyone,
I'm sorry I have not posted in so very long! My last post was January 10 then we found out on January 31  that my father has cancer. (I was already very busy with my daughter's wedding scheduled for May 12, 2012) This is where my time has been. I have been helping care for him & getting him to his doctor appointments as well as all his treatments. I have not done any craft stuff or even checked out my friend's craft blogs or U stream channels. I miss everyone so much and I want to thank those who have been praying for my dad as well as my family during this difficult time. I have tried to keep everyone posted on my Facebook page. I have just been so mentally as well as physically exhausted in dealing with this. During February & March dad went everyday (Monday thru Friday) for radiation. He had 33 radiation treatments plus they started him on chemo treatments every 3 weeks. He has done very well with his chemo (although he does have to get IV fluids b/c he gets dehydrated after each treatment). So as you can tell I have been more than extremely busy. We are now finished with radiation treatments (so we do not have to go to the cancer center everyday) Plus Amber & Bill had a beautiful wedding!!! (glad that's over) Now, I am just trying to regain my strength, this has taken so much out of me. I am trying to spend as much quality time with daddy as I can. I am so thankful that God has been so good to me and my family during this valley we are in. God has answered so many of my prayers (the way I would like him to) My dad has been so blessed to have done so well thus far. He has had some bad days but I do believe that he has more good than bad (with all the praise going to God for this!!!) He has also had such amazing caregivers at the cancer center as well as the hospital (when he has to be admitted for his dehydration) not to mention the great doctors he has had, the surgeons that put the rod in his leg & the one who put in his port plus the oncologist who is treating the cancer. Wow truly blessed we are. God is good!!!  Well, you have heard me ramble on long enough! I need to focus on dad today It is his 69th Birthday!!! Happy birthday daddy, I love you (your little girl)

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